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Federal Agencies


Visit here to find IRS forms, instructions, refund status, & more.


You can pay any taxes due to IRS with this system.

IRS Publications

Find Details on Tax Rules & Guides from IRS publications.

Social Security 

Explore Social Security Topics & Services.

SBA- Small Business Assoc

Find Small Business Guides & resources.

Tax Advocate Services

Review taxpayer rights & assistance with IRS troubles.

US Department of Commerce 

Find data on population stats & other useful research studies.

US Handbook

Find consumer resources posted by US agencies.

State Agencies

Please click on the State to pickup the tax forms.

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West Virginia State Tax Department 

Get info on WV taxes for individuals & businesses.

West Virginia Secretary of State

Find info on WV licensing, existing WV businesses, & more.

Business For West Virginia

Visit the online portal to state business services and new business setups in WV.

WV Legislator Codes 

Find WV legislature laws and actual code guidance from the online source.

WV My Taxes

Get the status of your WV income tax refund and research other WV tax topics.

WV Property Taxes

Look here for the Property Tax status for various counties in WV.

News & Magazines is the best place for up to the minute news with superb coverage of major world events as well as a link to local news.

New York Times

An eight page digest of the New York Times presenting the highlights of the front-page articles, the top foreign, national and business news, sports, results, the daily crossword puzzle, and a selection of editorials and commentaries.

The Newspaper Association of America 

The Newspaper Association of America provides a large list of U.S. magazines with Web sites. Some contain the full content and back issues of the publication and others are little more than advertising brochures. Most contain information to help and appraiser looking for locational background.

Money Magazine

Money Magazine online edition is an outstanding resource for tax, real estate, insurance and retirement information.

USA Today Money has useful news and details on various important financial, personal, and business subjects.

Financial Tools & Resources

Yahoo! Finance

Find stock stats and historical data

Savings Bond Calculator

Calculate the Value of your paper T-Bonds.

Various Financial Calculators

Explore several financial calculators for mortgages, real estate, auto, retirement, tax projections, etc.

Foreign Exchange Rates & Travel Resources 

Find foreign exchange rates, conversions, and travel resources.

Foreign Exchange Info

Look up foreign exchange rates & conversion details.

Useful Apps

Mile IQ

Track mileage in an easy to use phone app for business or medical tax deduction support.